Bristol Kitchen Makers

Exceptional fitted and freestanding furniture

Bespoke designed and made kitchens.

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At Bristol Kitchen Makers we design furniture that looks as if it belongs in your home, and we make it in a way that ensures it has the longevity to carry on doing so.
By studying our clients’ needs we help improve their living space by developing a design approach that creates practical attractive furniture, combining storage and functionality.
Working with knowledge gained from decades of hands on experience and the flair and imagination for interior design, Bristol Kitchen Makers offer a rounded approach that efficiently provides clients with a clear direction towards quality in design and implementation.
Our ethos will cut out wasted time and money from your project, and deliver exceptional furniture at a competitive price.
Call today and let us get involved with your project.
We design and a wide range of handmade free-standing and fitted furniture, unique bespoke kitchens, bespoke cabinets and wardrobes, library, media furniture and home offices. We utilise an array of natural and modern materials including solid wood and wood veneers, stone, laminates, composites and metals. Our furniture is finished with a variety of hand and spray finishes of oils, lacquers and paints, whatever you choose is all carefully applied at our workshop or on site. All our kitchens are handmade, crafted from the best possible materials and infused with a unique sense of style and craftsmanship.